Comme des Garçons Promotes Its Holiday Sale with Agonizingly Few Details

Rei Kawakubo may have uncloaked herself a little with a tantalizingly short Q&A in WWD, but now we’re as perplexed as ever. A cryptic email arrived today with this teaser image about a holiday sale. Okay, great! But wait, when is it? Is it only Comme or the entire Comme universe? What does the Japanese writing say? Why is there a picture of the late artist Taro Okamoto? Explosion? Aarmkerkargh!

We now have more details. It’s not so much a Comme sale, the kind it’s famous for, but new holiday products, including a collaboration with Taro Okamoto (T-shirts, shoes, bags, and small furniture) using his graphic designs. We’ll pass along the other info as it comes in.

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