Video Fix: Terry Richardson for Lady Gaga

Smut artist Terry Richardson is directing the video for Lady Gaga’s song Cake. And judging from the ass slaps, lacy underthings and barely enunciated lyrics in this 15-second trailer, it looks like she’s trying her hand at smut rap. Could be fun. But as one YouTuber commented: “da fuq did i just listen too/watch?”

Apparently the song, which debuted at the last Mugler show, is about Gaga’s beef with Cathy Horyn over that past-its-expiration-date controversy concerning a certain Dominican designer and a wiener. Ugh, right? Here’s a sample of the lyrics…

Cathy Horyn, your style ain’t dick
Walk a mile in these foot-high heels
I run in these, you ain’t run in shit
You chew beef, I wear meat
I’m getting fat, and so is my bank”
I’m on a sold-out world tour, bitch

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