Christopher Kane to Balenciaga?

The French magazine Nouvel Observateur and the Belgian magazine A Magazine Curated By are claiming that Christopher Kane has been tapped as Balenciaga’s new designer, following Nicolas Ghesquière. While neither has named a source, Twitter is blowing up with approval. We await confirmation.

Nearly two weeks ago, Balenciaga made the sudden announcement that Nicolas Ghesquière would be stepping down at the end of the month. In his 15 years as creative director, Ghesquière turned the moribund label into one of the hottest houses in Paris.

Since last night, and WWD have been able to reach Christopher Kane’s camp for a response to Nouvel Obs’ assertion that the London desiner was headed to Balenciaga. The claim is flatly denied. A spokesperson told WWD: “Rumors surrounding Christopher Kane’s appointment as creative director of Balenciaga are unfounded.” There you have it.

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