Reed + Rader Go Prehistoric

Things are about to get very Land of the Lost over in London. That’s where Reed + Rader, Hint contributors and digital artists known for their animated-GIF fashion stories, are headed to launch Cretaceous Returns, an interactive and immersive exhibit at 18 Hewett Street that aims to transform the white cube into a land before time. Guests will walk among paper grass, watch Jurassic-themed projections, and dance to “dinosaur dubstep” on headphones.

Artworks from Cretaceous Returns, including signed Mini Dinosaur sculptures, limited-edition video pieces, and prints of the duo’s prehistoric world, will be available for sale. Plus, on opening night, Bosco and Bee will serve wood-fired pizzas from their converted Piaggio Ape van. How better for Reed + Rader to celebrate their ten-year anniversary?

Cretaceous Returns, November 8-20, 18 Hewett Street. RSVP for the private viewing on November 8.

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