Masturbation Collaboration

Here’s more evidence that the Japanese are the kinkiest mofos on the planet. Tokyo-based TENGA, maker of sex toys, specializes in male masturbation aids that utilize a vacuum seal and look a lot like fleshlights. (If you don’t know what those are, think about that word for a minute. It is not a typo.) TENGA has their own, not-so-clever name for it: Deep Throat. They’re apparently so proud of Deep Throat that they’ve collaborated with several streetwear brands—Opening Ceremony, HUF, HARI & CO NYC, Married to the Mob—on the, ahem, skin of the device. It’s a little ew-gross, but also a stroke a genius, plus the words “masturbation collaboration” are loads of fun to say.

$10 at select retailers beginning December 1.

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