His Luck, His Fate, His Fortune

Brad Pitt pulled in a cool $7 million for that cryptic Chanel N°5 commercial, becoming the first man ever to peddle a women’s scent, as well as becoming the object of instant web-wide parody. But before you go grousing about how anyone could roll out of bed and sputter nonsense sprinkled with non-sequiturs, know this: he’s pledged $100,000 to help the Human Rights Campaign achieve marriage equality in several states on November 6.

HRC, the country’s largest gay-rights organization, announced today that the actor agreed to match contributions from the group’s members, up to $100,000. In an email to members, he wrote that it’s “unbelievable to me that people’s lives and relationships are literally being voted on in a matter of days.” Ballot initiatives in Maine, Maryland, and Washington State would expand the definition of marriage, if passed by voters, while another in Minnesota would restrict it. Whatever the outcome, marriage equality is inevitable.

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