Barneys and Disney Targeted by

It was only a matter of time before Barneys’ holiday collaboration with Disney got slapped with a petition. It’s a little surprising it took this long, considering that what petitioner Ragen Chastain finds objectionable, those super slimmed-down—some might say anorexic-looking—images of Disney characters, came out in late August.

The gripe has to do with body image, already a sensitive subject, particularly so when it comes to children’s characters destined for a window display. But where bloggers and editors stopped at “creepy” to describe the images back in August, Ragen delves further. She writes on her petition page: “There is nothing wrong with tall thin women. There is something wrong with changing a beloved children’s character’s body so that it looks good in a dress that almost nobody looks good in – adding to the tremendous pressure on young girls and women to attain photoshop perfection. The problem isn’t with Minnie’s body, it’s with a dress that only looks good on a woman who is 5’11 and a size zero.”

Point taken, but can we at least agree the Lanvin dress is, by itself, a hot little number?

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