When In Need of a Comeback, Sign On With the Antichrist Director

Guess who’s joining the cast of Nymphomaniac, the psycho-erotic epic starring Charlotte Gainsbourg in her third outing for director Lars von Trier? Uma Thurman! She’ll join other recent conscripts Shia LeBeouf and Jamie Bell in the art-porn thriller, which will wisely be released in both a hardcore and softcore version.

It’s been a long time—22 years, to be exact—since Thurman’s smoldering title role in Henry & June, the first film to receive an NC-17 rating for sexual content. While it’s unknown what her role will be in Nymphomaniac, what she’ll do or who she’ll do it to, it’s likely to be less smoldering than horrifying. Von Trier is the man who, after all, showed a close-up of Gainsbourg’s character perform a self-clitoridectomy in Antichrist.

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