Hooked: Meadham Kirchhoff

Club Kids never die, they just fall in a K-hole. So it was only a matter of time before the Limelight look was revived on the runway. The English label Meadham Kirchhoff did just that for fall, blending in a little Studio 54 and Andy Warhol for good measure.

In the collection’s haute-kitsch explosion of tinsel, sequins, glitter-dusted platform shoes, leopard-print panties, and intergalactic make-up, it would have been easy to miss several fur jackets, not unlike that other club staple: chubbies. We’re talking faux fur, of course, but not the cheap stuff that falls off in clumps like a rainbow on chemo. The expense comes from the labor involved in cobbling a bunch of pieces together to create, for example, this angry, pointy toothed monster. 

From $5913 at Luisa Via Roma

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