You’re Invited to View Givenchy’s Invitations

Givenchy has become one of the most coveted tickets on the Paris schedule. Looking back at their invites, it’s easy to see why. Just in time for Sunday’s outing, powerhouse design duo M/M Paris has released The Givenchy Files, a meaty tome bringing together all the invites and graphic works they’ve created in collaboration with Givenchy under Riccardo Tisci’s Holy Guidance.

Sure, the big G has become all about star-studded shows and hip-hop royalty, but these illustrations are also a testament to its unequalled vision. Works of arts in themselves, they range from Dali-esque surrealist abstractions to Harlequin masquerade masks (we still have ours). A visual treat, it’s a short history of the label’s meteoric rise. In case your invite got lost in the mail, again, this is the next best thing.

$45 at M/M Paris

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