Lady Gaga Enters the Hot Dog Fray

Lady Gaga is at it again, weighing in on an old beef. Taking to Twitter, the pop star thrust herself into the cleared-up mix-up between Cathy Horyn and Oscar de la Renta, and in the process reinvigorating her longstanding feud with the New York Times fashion critic.

The brouhaha stemmed from a review during New York Fashion Week. In it, Horyn called the couturier a “hot dog” for showing off his skills in his latest collection. De la Renta fought back against the perceived “personal criticism” with a full-page ad in WWD. Once Horyn, and presumably a trip to, sorted things out, the two declared a truce.

But Gaga, who has criticized Horyn’s criticism in the past, revived the non-issue yesterday with a Tweet to the label’s online persona, Erika Bearman: “@OscarPRGirl Bravo Oscar. Only you would be so chic as to purchase an entire page in WWD, making statements like a good fashion citizen.” Now that we know how she feels, hopefully we can put the meaty address and redress behind us—if not memories of that meat dress.

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