Adele May Partner with Burberry

The buzz from London Fashion Week (aside from lots of color and so-so parties) is that crooner Adele might be expanding her talent pool to design a line for Burberry’s curvier costumers. A smart move, since we assume the brand’s bread and butter isn’t only Emma Roberts clones. According to reports that surfaced this morning, the award-winning chanteuse has been approached by none other than Christopher Bailey himself, an avowed fan who’s dressed Adele for the Brit Awards and MTV Video Awards.

As fashion’s latest curvy covergirl, Adele would be taking up the mantle from Gossip’s Beth Ditto, who also dabbled in apparel for the ample gal with her line for Evans. Remember that? We hope Adele fares a little better. Neither camp has confirmed nor denied reports, but we’re intrigued enough to actually order dessert.

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