Gagathon at the Guggenheim

New York Fashion Week came to a close as Lady Gaga took over the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum for the launch of her new fragrance, Fame. The piece of performance art found Gaga up to her usual ‘original’ and ‘provocative’ antics, with a lavish masquerade ball providing the backdrop.

To a pap crush, the lady arrived fashionably early, only to encase herself in a large-scale version of the bottle, where she proceeded to snooze until well into the festivities. Guests soon followed, including Marc Jacobs with Brazilian BF Harry Louis, Alexander Wang, Rachel Zoe, Yoko Ono, and Lindsay Lohan, who managed to show up to this opening, if not Richard Phillips’.

Everyone gallivanted about and approached a sleeping Gaga, who rose from her slumber and treated the gathered monsters to the night’s big moment. She was stripped to her lacy underthings by assistants and the back of her neck was shaved. Attendees were then treated to a live tattoo session that was televised throughout the museum. Passing out and getting a tattoo? Maybe she’s a Jersey Girl at heart.

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