Rag & Bone

God bless New York fashion girls! Eighty-something degrees and they’ll bust out their best leather and not even sweat. Except that inside the cavernous Public Library, after a few minutes of steamy waiting, all those leather skirts, dresses, tops, and even (yikes) pants seemed to melt. Thank goodness Marcus Wainwright and David Neville had the presence of mind to provide cold beer, Perrier and soft-serve to keep cool in all the hot looks. Say what you will, Rag & Bone knows how to treat a lady.

The show opened with a pair of leather culottes, meaning the reign of leather will continue well into spring. Rag & Bone’s signature tailoring loosened up this time, beginning with some intriguing adventures in seersucker and lace. But the collection really picked up in the middle with an outing of sporty ensembles—with slouchy tailoring and bold proportions—punched up by shocking pops of not-quite-neon green. A strong contender for spring’s It-hue, the electric tone found its way into cropped racer jackets, insets on dresses, graphic paneling, and a very cool pair of drawstring pants.

The NASCAR edge added a freshness to the collection, which had an air of early-90s techno-ness. Karlie Kloss closed the show in a coral jumper in a triumphant victory lap. 

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