The latest fashion-art crossover comes courtesy of Costume National. For one month beginning September 10, the Soho store will be transformed into a mini-gallery. Among works by Tobias Wong and Aaron Young for the NEW NO DARK WAVE group show curated by Natacha Polaert, French artist Daniel Firman has created another of his hiding mannequins. Titled Linda, she’s dressed entirely in Costume National’s fall collection, New Wave-No Wave-Dark Wave, and shielding herself from onlookers. Meanwhile, author Frédéric Beigbeder has created a short story written in a single straight line across the space.

If it’s an unconventional art project, you know James Franco is involved. Here, he’ll screen a short film in the changing rooms, appropriately enough for the his admirers. The first of them is 40 Minutes, an imagined recreation of the 40 minutes of presumably explicit footage that director William Friedkin was forced to cut from his 1980 cult classic Cruising to receive an R rating. The original version, with Al Pacino, portrays the gay leather scene of New York at the time.

Franco will also present a photo series, New Film Stills, which is another recreation, this time of Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills. “Cindy Sherman’s groundbreaking series Untitled Film Stills showed us how we look at ourselves in film. These were performances within multiple fames of significance,” says Franco. “But Sherman was an artist looking at the film industry from the outside. I have started on the inside. I earn my living in the commercial film business. This new series of film stills puts one more frame around the dialogue Sherman introduced.”

NEW NO DARK WAVE, Sep 10 – Oct 10, Costume National, 150 Greene St, NYC

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