Cushnie et Ochs

The first three looks at Cushnie et Ochs were a clear example of how the brand has become a commercial success: a simple white tennis dress with provocative slits at the waist, a cutout midriff-baring summer dress, and an elegantly draped silk number. Body-conscious but never vulgar, sensual but never slutty.

It’s a balance that Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs have perfected, and it’s been driving women to the cash register. Salability was certainly a high priority this season, too, as the duo offered a softer side to their va-va-voom aesthetic. The highlight was an airy section of silk mint dresses that felt cool and refreshing, particularly on a balmy Manhattan afternoon.

The demand for more red-carpet dresses can’t be denied, particularly from a line that has predominately offered cocktail attire. Celebrity stylists are sure to swoon over the collection, considering how it suits everyone from Rihanna to Kate Bosworth, who, incidentally, was snapping pics of her favorite looks from her front-row perch. We can’t say the same for the cutaway two-piece bathing suits, but we’re sure even those will find a home, most likely on a beach in Rio. 

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