Siki Im

Much ado has been made about the Pope’s wardrobe of late, including the recent furor over his decadent crimson slippers (no, they weren’t Prada, but Sammlung Philippi, Christian couturier extraordinaire). We don’t know if Siki has been keeping up with his Holiness, or Vatican news in general, but there was certainly a pious air to his spring men’s collection, including a shout-out to Saint Augustine on the program notes.

On the catwalk this translated as an intriguing adventure in proportion that we’d describe as the future of monastic living. Nubile seminarians ready to give themselves to fashion were the order of the day, with techno cassocks all around, perfect for all that chanting. Some were luminous white and worn over jeans (the boys clutched their skirts Anna Karenina-style). The more convincing were worn loose, under blazers and with Tevas and socks (a house signature), which provided an airy yet surprisingly viable proportion.

It must be said this holy pilgrimage has been made before by others, including at Rick Owens and Givenchy. But Siki Im followed the road in fine form, providing his own unique spin. The lightness in particular was an asset, as his mastery of sporty fabrics and shapes made the outing neither forced nor mannered—no small feat. 

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