Anna Wintour Will Continue Fundraising for Obama, May Snub Milan Fashion Week

Anna Wintour is hardly one to flinch. In the midst of attacks from right-wing political pundits, intent on bullying her for supporting Barack Obama, she’s set to host two more high-wattage fundraisers for the president’s reelection effort, according to a list of events released by the campaign. And in the process, she may again snub Milan Fashion Week.

The first event will take place September 19 at Mark’s Club in London, the day after London Fashion Week and the first day of the Milan collections. It’s described as “dinner with Anna Wintour, Tom Ford and [senior Obama advisor] David Plouffe.” Guests will pony up $15,000 to dine with Wintour as she misses the Gucci show, among others, unless she’s able to fly to Milan that morning and return to London in time for the shindig, then shuttle back to Milan for the rest of the shows. Or she could skip London altogether, jetting in for that night only.

The second event, dubbed a “Paris Fashion Week Reception with Anna Wintour” will take place at La Maison 8 on October 1. Tickets are $2,500 to attend a reception and $10,000 for the dinner.

Wintour has been viciously criticized by the right for her various fundraising endeavors, particularly the $30,000-a-plate dinner chez Sarah Jessica Parker earlier this summer. But we say: applaud a broad who puts her money where her mouth is. And so ably. She’s raked in an estimated $500,000 for the reelection campaign, plus she’s personally donated nearly $100,000 to Democratic candidates since 2004.

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