Lindsay Lohan Is Accused of Being a Trailer Trasher

In the stormy life of Lindsay Lohan, an unexpected ray of sunshine broke through today, courtesy of Lifetime Television. The channel released more preview images of the embattled starlet in her comeback role as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz and Dick, airing in November. The images feature LiLo’s transformation from a Swinging Sixties Liz to vixen Cleopatra Liz to White-Diamonds-Michael Jackson’s-best-friend-Dynasty-hair Liz. We’re sure the well-timed release has nothing to do that unseemly unpaid bill from the Chateau Marmont.

Of course, like all Lindsay news, the ray of hope was accompanied by rain, this time allegations from a collector of Hollywood memorabilia who loaned out the original Liz Taylor trailer from Cleopatra to be used during filming. Apparently it was returned with cigarette burns, missing items, and general defacement suffered at the hands of cast and crew and whatever friends breezed through. Who can say who’s in the wrong here: Lindsay for being herself or the studio for not knowing better? At least she’s method acting?

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