Lindsay Got the Boot from the Chateau Marmont—and She Didn’t Even Steal It

Lindsay Lohan has been banned by the Chateau Marmont over an astronomical unpaid bill accrued during her stay there in June and July. And, a fully itemized bill has been released, documenting the minutiae of the former starlet’s spending habits.

Cover your ears, Suze Orman, because the reckless wonder apparently racked up a $46,350.04 tab, including a $3000 mini-bar charge, 49 packs of ciggies (in 47 days no less) at $14 each, and a lovely Chateau candle at a clean $100. And those are just the things the hotel had to pay out of pocket since they’re waiving her enormous bill from the computer center (no laptop, Lindz?).

None of this comes as much of a surprise. Least surprising of all is that Lindsay tried to skip out on the bill like a midnight dine-and-dash at Denny’s.

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