Kanye West’s Kardashian Kameo

Kanye West made his much-hyped kameo on Keeping Up with the Kardashians last night. The obviously unscripted scene-stealing moments are meant to cement their we’re-very-much-in-love-and-this-is-definitely-not-a-publicity-stunt relationship.

As part of their contract, we mean courtship, Kim promised to overhaul her wardrobe so it can live up to Kanye’s standards (he shows in Paris after all). Like a stylist in shining armor, he descended on her L.A. home with racks and racks of the season’s best. It was a little like Love & Hip Hop meets Project Runway, and say what you will, Kanye’s supervision of the fitting of a Lanvin cocktail frock was meticulous.

Kim was briefly reduced to tears, sparking grumbles of Kanye’s controlling nature. To which we say: really people, this is the take-away? The question for us is: how far can a straight man’s interest in women’s fashion go and, mostly, when will it stop?

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