Andy Warhol Continues to Inspire, this Time a François Nars Beauty Collection

François Nars has teamed up with The Andy Warhol Foundation on a massive cosmetics collection inspired by the late artist and icon. While you won’t find white hair paint, there’s plenty to wig out over.

The first of two parts (exclusively in Sephora stores from October 1) takes its color cues from Pop Art. The key items include a palette for the cheeks and eyes inspired by a Blondie-era Debbie Harry, lip glosses with names like Chelsea Girls, Blue Movie, and Drella (Warhol’s nickname), and three Flowers eye-shadow compacts—all in a soup-can container.

The second part (intended for department and specialty stores from November 1), will focus on the Silver Factory, with downtown-ready colors, film-inspired sets dedicated to Candy Darling and Edie Sedgwick, and black-and-white packaging printed with memorable Warhol quotes—and there were a lot.

With the addition of yet even more holiday items, you’ll have plenty to paint yourself into a Warhol superstar.

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