Something Different: For You The Traveller

No hotel? No problem! Let the book For You The Traveller, well, book your accommodation. As described by its maker, artist Nabil Sabio Azadi, the limited-edition, self-published objet serves as a “directory of kind people who will act as a port-of-call to travellers passing through their region and bearing this guide.”

Like a Lanvin campaign, these kind people are a diverse bunch. Young and old, they’re scattered throughout cities and boonies across five continents, and cut across all walks of life, from farmers and metalworkers to urban designers and political analysts. Theoretically, if you can find them and you have the book in hand, they will shelter you. Think of it as a book lover’s

Printed on recycled paper, bound with Tasmanian oak, and covered in recycled rabbit fur, the book will be available in select stores soon. In the meantime, pre-order yours here. All profits will be donated to Nouvelle Planète to fund the construction of five footbridges in the villages near Ambano, Madagascar, allowing villagers to earn a living and send their children to school in all weather conditions. 

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