Prince Harry Gambles the Crown Jewels and Everyone Wins

Flame-haired bad boy (at least by British standards) Prince Harry decided to make use of his break between Olympics-attending and military service to unwind in the douchebag mecca that is Las Vegas (with Ryan Lochte, no less).

Regal debauchery ensued, culminating with the pervert prince engaging in a game of high-stakes strip billiards in his VIP suite at the Wynn with a few nubile commoners picked up in the lobby. He lost, apparently, because he can be seen stripped of everything except his title. The wily women were smart enough to take photos on their phone and quickly sell them to TMZ for what we assume is a king’s ransom.

Aside from tan lines and a few well-placed freckles, the snaps leave most to the imagination, begging the question: Where are the rest of them? Specifically, the ones with Ryan.

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