Nicki Minaj’s New Perfume Smells Like “Angels Playing”

Get ready to have your olfactory senses blessed, because Nicki Minaj’s much-hyped fragrance (well, mostly by her) is about to drop like the Second Coming. The larger-than-life, pint-sized rapper provided a sneak peek today of the deluxe packaging, which—surprise, surprise—is a miniature bust in her holy likeness, pink hair and all.

Called Pink Friday, the scent distills her essence into a sleek little femme-bot bottle, hitting beauty counters next month. As to the actual fragrance, she mysteriously tweeted to one inquisitive fan: “like Angels Playing.” We’re not exactly sure how this breaks down as a mix (maybe notes of myrrh and gardenia?), but it’s a welcome change from most celebrity fragrances that smell like demons dying. This might also be penance for that ill-conceived exorcism-themed performance.

The fragrant annunciation comes on the heels of rumors that the pop superstar will be heading to American Idol, where she can plug Pink Friday to the three people who still watch the show. 

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