Hooked: Raf Simons 1995

Raf Simons made the fateful decision to go into menswear in 1995, after dabbling in furniture design. In a nod to the year of his occupational birth, he’s developed a capsule collection of shirts and accessories that aren’t trotted out on a runway. Rather, they remain hard to find—just as his die-hard fans like it.

The line is called 1995, naturally. And it takes after his archives, embodying the angsty aesthetic he started out with seventeen years ago, with its Masonic-like symbolism and a slapdash quality—as if handmade in one’s teenage bedroom, but obviously not. These white-on-black tote bags are emblazoned with “Inverse Future” and “Sea of Desire,” inspired by artist Ed Ruscha’s paintings of the same name in 1983.

£90 at Oki-Ni

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