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Inspiring us right now: the lesbian bite scene between Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon in Tony Scott’s The Hunger. An anomaly among the director’s later blockbusters—Top Gun, Crimson Tide, Days of Thunder—the 1983 vampire thriller, which also stars David Bowie, became an enduring cult classic, not only for its sapphic theme, but also, among designers especially, Deneuve’s super-chic 1940s-harking costumes. (By contrast, as the non-vampire, Sarandon was stuck with an instantly dated 80s look and ‘do.)

Tragically, Tony Scott (brother of Ridley Scott) jumped to his death from a Los Angeles bridge yesterday. Though unconfirmed, it’s believed he was battling inoperable brain cancer, which may have precipitated the suicide.

In spite of the loss, we’ll always have The Hunger, which, like its beautiful vampires, is ageless.

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