James Franco and Lindsay Lohan to Team Up On a Film

You won’t believe this, because it’s such a rarity for James Franco, but he’s got a new project in the works. Really! According to a casting call posted today on the member website Actor’s Access, Franco is directing a biopic about himself and Lindsay Lohan. If you ask us, they’re perfectly matched—she has as many stints in rehab as he has hyphenates.

Here’s the thing: it seems the two won’t appear onscreen. Rather, the notice calls for “James Franco types” and “Lindsay Lohan types” to play the two at the ages of 13, 21, 30, 45, and 60. So how exactly Lohan will be involved is anyone’s guess. But she’s always itching for a comeback, if you can call it that at 24, and Franco seems willing to try anything—two reasons why the Terry Richardson book of photos, the one promising full-frontals of the two, was such a great idea, but which has yet to materialize.

At any rate, we never tire of Lohan’s train wrecks, so we’re gonna give the new project a thumbs-up, sight unseen.

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