Israel May Become the First Country to Ban the Sale of Fur

Those colorful fur sleeves shown on many a fall runway won’t likely be showing up in Israel any time soon. According to the Jerusalem Post, a bill making its way through the country’s parliament would ban most sales of fur nationwide, allowing only for fur as needed by science or traditional customs, such as the fur hats of the haredi community.

The text of the bill, the brainchild of the Israeli-based International Anti-Fur Coalition, posits that there is no longer a necessity for fur, as synthetic fabrics heat much more efficiently, rendering fur a status symbol only. It goes on to state that a ban within Israel would align with the values of Judaism.

If the bill is passed, Israel would become the first country to ban fur sales, joining several cities around the world that already do so, such as Dublin, Ireland, and West Hollywood in California. Although, the latter could easily have been a mistake by local councilmen who thought they were banning muffs.

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