David Beckham Finally Becomes a Statue

David Beckham’s first round of ads for his H&M Bodywear line had tongues wagging, but it seems another black-and-white shot of his permanently cocked eyebrow wasn’t enough for round two. H&M is bringing Beckham into 3-D with nine 10-foot statues of the footballer in all his sculpted, mostly nude glory.

The manuments will be unveiled tomorrow in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Those who Instagram a photo of one with the hashtag #HMBeckham could receive a slew of prizes like a mini-Beckham statue (fun!) or a pair of signed underwear (gross).

Do try to keep your pictures classy, Hintsters. Just because there’s a hard hunk of Beckham standing in front of you does not mean you should be bending all over it.


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