Maison des Talons Gets Honest

Honest by is the sustainable label that comes not only with a detailed supply chain, but also a string of guest designers. Founded by Bruno Pieters, who headed up Hugo Boss’s secondary line before following an epiphany and going green, the label has so far collaborated with Calla, Muriée, and Nicolas Andrea Taralis.

The just-announced new collaboration is with Maison des Talons, the avant-shoe brand launched in 2010 by Susanne Villiger, whose high and low heels run the gamut, aesthetically speaking, between pink flamingos and Art Deco buildings. In other words, sculptural and complex, and requiring a high degree of difficulty to construct the three limited-edition new styles—lace-up boot, kitten heel, sandal—in an entirely vegan way.

That’s right, vegan isn’t just for foodies anymore. Here, vegan means 100% Italian manufacturing and factories that use renewable energy, and whose production process is monitored to ensure a non-toxic product.

€471.90 – €813.12 at Honest by (beginning August 15)