Vanity Fair Hands Down Its 2012 Best-Dressed List

Vanity Fair’s 73rd annual International Best-Dressed List is out in the magazine’s September issue and online now. Once again it’s our/your chance to peruse the honorees and have one or more of these reflex reactions…

  • Feign outrage at the glaring omissions and throw seaweed chips at the screen.

  • Say aloud to no one that picking the Duchess of Cambridge (also on the cover) was so obvious, then admit it’s a pretty dress she has on.

  • Make assumptions about which decisions were politically or financially motivated.

  • Actually spot someone new: Sheikha Mozah of Qatar, whose family recently acquired Valentino.

  • Question the need for such a list and demand to know, by name, who had final say.

  • Quietly gush over Fan Bingbing and singsing her praises for wearing Chinese designers.

  • Yawn at another 15-minutes-stretching starlet and/or party girl in loaned and/or gifted couture.

  • Conclude that designers and others who work in fashion should be disqualified for reasons that are self-evident.

  • Think rappers looks pretty good in a suit and wish they’d do it more.

  • Dismissively gawk at a crown royal you’ve never heard of, yet nod approvingly at whichever country’s First Lady made it on.

  • At first question the inclusion of Bill Cunningham, but realize that was probably the objective then feel like all is right in the world.

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