New music for the one-track-minded…

A collaboration between The Knocks and Fred Falke (Kitsuné records), the new single Geronimo is a little too, um, Ibiza for our taste. The video, however, is everything. Watching it, at first you think, Oh cool, there’s a narrative to follow and this Native American dude—apparently called Geronimo (which you think for a second might be racist, and then decide not)—is starting his day like any other dude, hanging out with his little brother, getting stuff at the 7-Eleven, and trying to impress a girl with some moves. Then he puts on his tribal best and heads out to the desert, where he dances his ass off, alone with a bunch of hoops, becoming one with them, dusting up sand as the sun goes down. You think, That’s a beautiful thing as you Google the dude’s real name, Nakotah Larance, and learn he’s a six-time world champion hoop dancer who’s performed with Cirque du Soleil. And just like that, he is your new obsession.

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