Léon, the Leather and the Wardrobe

You know how designers sometimes say they started their line when they couldn’t find anything like it, so they decided to make it themselves? And you think, Really? Well, Peter Nguyen is one of those designers. Really. He recently left a five-year stint at haute-cult men’s designer Robert Geller to launch Léon, a women’s line of leather jackets. And here’s that time-honored reason: “It came after years of complaints from my female friends about how hard it was to find great leather jackets,” he says, “and because my girlfriend was always borrowing my leather jackets.”

His concept is both genius and genuine. He’ll design one “archetypal” jacket every two months (beginning with Leather Jacket No. 1, seen here), give it a simple and not-outrageous price ($1000), guarantee that it’s 100% made in Manhattan’s garment district from premium lambskin, and provide reconditioning, relining and repair for the life of the jacket, free of charge. Sounds like a storybook ending to us. 

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