A Look at Post-Lumberjack Menswear

For years menswear has been dominated by rugged explorers, intrepid mountaineers, and outdoorsmen of all stripes and plaids. Now, designers are beginning to move away—just slightly—from those barrel-chested, pipe-smoking chaps. Here, a few newish men’s labels mining a post-lumberjack look…

Andrzej Lisowski and Stephen Hartog inject a subtle sense of humor and playfulness in their Amsterdam-based label. For spring 2013, they collaborated with German designer Micheal Kampe to achieve slouchy yet geometric suits and such.

Norse Projects
Based in Copenhagen, these guys are known mostly for their all-terrain outerwear, but they aren’t afraid to incorporate a little color and delicate florals. After all, even the fearsome Vikings made pretty things. They also collaborate a lot with like-minded labels on parkas, shoes and Breton shirts.

We’ve had our eye on Japan-based Kolor for a while. For fall, designer Junichi Abe brings the great outdoors inside, combining loads of Grizzly Adams with a pinch of Mister Rogers, further perfecting his deliberately awkward aesthetic. Who knew an oversized cardigan could look so good with mounds of fur over it?

Still Good
Hailing from Kitsune and Dries Van Noten, Clément Taverniti knows a thing or two about clever, unexpected detail. He’s only on his first collection, fall 2012, for his Still Good line, but he’s already selling in a dozen stores across Europe and the U.S., including Colette in Paris and Memes in New York.

Young Threads
This isn’t a label, but a new online shop brimming with bright young threads. Based in the UK, the e-shop aspires to escape from the “super high-end, samey high-street and extreme edgy apparel” that men so often confuse for quality.