For this weekend’s Deck-Brained, we turn the clock back to the late 70s. That was when Gina Kikoine formed the band Gina X Performance in her native Cologne, Germany, and put out a single called No GDM. It would become one of her two biggest hits, which isn’t to say it was much of a hit at all. Originally a B-side, it was recorded around the time that seemingly everyone, particularly Germans, were experimenting with synthesizers and electric beeps and bobs. No GDM was played a little in clubs, but mostly found success as a cult classic in the decades since, reissued once in 1985 (as heard in the YouTube non-video below) and remixed periodically by the likes of Erasure and the gang at Int’l Deejay Gigolo Records.

No GDM—an abbreviation of “great dark man”—is dedicated to Quentin Crisp, the purple-haired pioneer of gay rights and all things dandy, not that you’d ever be able to decipher the lyrics from Gina’s slurred accent. As Cologne just finished its Gay Pride, what better time to revisit No GDM? …

Yellow teeth between pink lips,
Eyeline shadow with a crazy look,
The jewel behind my lobe of ear,
Rouge on my face hides my beard,
Long violet fingernails,
I adore those magic tales.
I don’t mind, I don’t mind.
Wanna be a great dark man,
Being but a lesbian.
You are perfect, you are sheer,
If you are a red-haired queer.

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