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Inspiring us right now: the restful photos in the book Asleep at the Chateau (Damiani, October 2012, $50)—an ironic title, obviously. Of all the glamorous and unglamorous things celebrities have done at the famed Chateau Marmont—partying rooftop (Jim Morrison), window-hopping to meet Natalie Wood (James Dean), overdosing (John Belushi), carrying on a tryst (Jean Harlow and Clark Gable), posing naked for a Vanity Fair cover (Demi Moore)—slumber has only been an after-thought.

Until the Austrian fashion photographer Jork Weismann came along and staged assorted guests, from models to actors to authors, catching some Zs on the hotel’s plush furniture. Patti Smith, Bret Easton Ellis, Orlando Bloom, Frankie Rayder, and Juergen Teller are among those resting their eyes.

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