Schlepping across Paris to the Maison du Judo early on a Saturday is a lot more doable when served donuts and coffee (in a Kenzo-Starbucks thermos) upon arrival, in keeping with the survival kit of an invitation.

To sounds of the tropical rainforest composed by Air’s Nicolas Godin, the show opened with a phalanx of acrobats in suits jumping, running and backflipping all over the gymnasium. This was followed by an army of models who made their way through the labyrinth of tatamis that formed the runway.

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim’s Southeast Asia-inspired vision resulted in a jungle color palette, abstract camouflage and leopard prints, khaki and more khaki, decidedly untucked shirts, summery plaids, shorts of all varieties and chunky patent-leather shoes and fanny packs. It was a thoroughly modern mix of relaxed tailoring and sportswear befitting the synchronized mise-en-scène. After all, the Opening Ceremony creative directors know their timing better than most, if the launch of their first European store in London’s Covent Garden—prior to the Olympics—is any indication.

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