Kris Van Assche

“You gotta love me, you gotta love me, you gotta love me,” thumped the lyrics of David August’s deep-house anthem, the soundtrack of Kris Van Assche’s spring collection. And from the looks of it, those in the audience did.

It’s not hard to love an update of the everyman’s wardrobe. Based around that indispensable yet devilishly simple men’s garment, the T-shirt, the show ticked all the right boxes. Tees were cut oh-so-perfectly and paired with other staples, including jeans (in collaboration with Lee), chinos, and pleat-front shorts. Then they started to evolve, deconstructed in various forms. Taking cues from 90s-grunge layering—i.e. short worn over long—tee sleeves sprouted from the armholes of tailored jackets and sat defiantly on top, embodying that trickiest of party invitations: smart casual.

This isn’t new territory for Van Assche, who revels in mixing city with street. There were no better examples of this than the Eastpak collaborative bags, functional backpacks and sporty holdalls in wool flannel with leather finishings. Men love simple pleasures and Kris Van Assche gave it.

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