Franca Sozzani’s Emasculating Ways

The men’s collections have turned from Milan to Paris, with Mugler and Raf Simons on the calendar for today. And right on cue, Italian Vogue’s fearless and filterless editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani goes after male members of the fashion press in her daily blog. She writes, “Can I just say it without anyone, as usual, getting annoyed, calling me bossy or impolite or, worse, saying I’m not open to individual choices and tastes? Those colored bags carried on hairy arms, those cropped pants and polo shirts so tight they showed through, depending on the body’s shape, toned-up biceps or curved bellies, were not a nice sight for anyone.”

She goes on to say, “I can only confirm that very few people in fashion actually know about fashion…A small ghetto of outdated trend-followers.”

She also praises the Armani show yesterday, which she calls a breath of air, adding, “In a world that fears to be called ‘passé’ and for this reason gives us absurd shows, I must admit that this collection has been a true demonstration of strength. ‘Armani style vs. the fashion world.’ And he did really well. But, please, don’t ask me again: ‘What about creativity?'”

Throughout Paris right now, gaggles of sniveling men are dashing back to their hotels to change out of their pink polos and white clamdiggers.

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