Band of Outsiders

You might think you’ve seen the longest show ever—Rock of Ages, Dancing With the Stars, anything with Channing Tatum—but we have news for you: you haven’t. At least not until the end of Band of Outsiders’ 60-hour men’s collection in Paris, called…Longest Show Ever.

Beginning this morning, as you can see in the livestream above, one model has been living, eating, sleeping (and not of the conjugal kind), reading books, playing guitar, and painting protest signs—a reference to the 1968 student riots—in a Marais gallery window. He’s only allowed to escape the harsh stare of the live-cam every 90 minutes to change looks, which so far have been preppy, collegiate, nautical.

The Band of Outsiders team in the back, meanwhile, are wearing blue workers’ jumpsuits, mimicking those worn in Jean-Luc Godard’s 1967 film La Chinoise, another homage to the French filmmaker by designer Scott Sternberg. The first, of course, is the name of the brand, the English translation of Godard’s 1964 movie Bande à Part.

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