Alexander McQueen

At the end of the Milan shows, it’s hard to keep track of trends and themes. They run together ad infinitum. But the name of the game at the Alexander McQueen men’s collection was loud and clear—suits! All kinds of suits. From the pastel-on-pastel three-piece looks to patterned prints—like a black-and-white check and graph-paper motif not unlike the kind you used in high school, and the gilded nature prints at the end—there was something for every man, whether a Key West dandy or a Brooklyn art student.

Overcoats, too, ran the gamut. A winning khaki trench and black leather coat stood out, as did chapeau-topping, blueblocker-like shades, reminding us that, yes, if given the chance, we would absolutely drink the piña colada and get caught in the rain.

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