Ron Arad Expands Into Glasses

“Sit on one of my chairs and it doesn’t reflect anything on your personality, but glasses are different. Glasses are a symbol of what you want to transmit of yourself and who you think you are,” explained Ron Arad at the London launch of his new eyewear range, pq, on Wednesday.

Knowing a thing or two about personality, the Israeli-born, London-based interior designer and architect has now turned his hand to eyewear. His aim is to take on the optical field with the same zeal for innovation and product development as he does furniture design. He’s experimenting with new shapes, like frames with an adjustable A-shaped bridge that can be adapted to any wearer, as well as hingeless acetate frames and a form of 3-D printing. Hoping to being back a sense of originality to the industry, Arad said, “It is like designing a belt with one hole and hoping that it will fit everyone. No, they have several holes.”

The collection, which starts at £500, is filled with in-jokes between the wearer and Arad, like the product names, which are taken from London tube stops. Angel is a stop on the Northern Line and a pair of wing-shaped glasses, while a pair of round spectacles are based on John Lennon’s preferred style, so they’re called Liverpool Street. With the same tidy wit, the range is called pq because when the two letters are placed next to each other they resemble a pair of glasses. So would bd, but presumably Arad already has plans for that.

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