What Would a Michael Jackson Show at the Costume Institute Look Like?

If it’s true that Michael Jackson is the subject of the Met’s Costume Institute in 2014, as prognosticators are prognosticating, the exhibit is sure to be another blockbuster, on par with Savage Beauty.

It might also be the first of the yearly shows without the involvement of a single label. Aside from the iconic costumes early in his career—i.e. Swarovski-encrusted gloves, fedora hats, the red leather jacket in Thriller—later on the King of Pop began wearing the likes of Balmain, Tom Ford, Dior Homme, and Givenchy, much of it women’s.

If the scope of the exhibit is opened up to include other performers, we could see all sorts of sensational outfits. In recent years pop stars have increasingly turned to houses to dress them on tour: Lady Gaga and Giorgio Armani, Kylie Minogue and Dolce & Gabbana, Beyonce and Thierry Mugler. Just think how sparkly the Met Gala will look in two years.

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