Deste and Dishabille Collide at Barneys

Juergen Teller is a man after our own heart, rolling up to Barneys last night in a collage of inspired dishabille. Seemingly après-gym, he barely had time to throw a Cosby sweater over his running shorts before heading out to Deste’s opening. No time to change when champers calls.

Based in Athens, Greece, the Deste Foundation promotes contemporary art worldwide, most notably Maurizio Cattelan and his Toilet Paper project. In destefashioncollection (through July 4), Deste takes on fashion, assembling site-specific installations—as well as a giant image of YSL—in Barneys’ hallowed windows. In addition to Teller, fashionable artists Helmut Lang, M/M Paris, John Block, filmmaker Athina Rachel Tsangari, and poet Patrizia Cavalli took part. It’s nice to soak up a little culture while shopping your brains out.

Photos by Billy Farrell

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