Hooked: Givenchy’s Bird of Paradise Print

The bird of paradise is the cockiest of flowers. Hardly garden variety, it teases you with its long beak that isn’t and goads you with its crown of feathers that aren’t. All in one tropical bloom, it’s beautiful, prickly, exquisite, complex, and tough. Therefore, it makes the perfect Givenchy print, seen here on caps, heels and pouch, and found all over the house’s spring collection. Rendered in Riccardo Tisci’s patented mirror effect and paired with flowers of the fluffier sort, as well as trompe l’oeil metal studs, the flowers look so real they practically squawk. Fall deliveries are just around the corner, so don’t let these fly by.

$341 (pouch), $476 (cap), $1508 (shoes) at LN-CC

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