Reserva’s Modern Family Values

There could have been no better close to Fashion Rio than Reserva’s high-camp, no-drama family reunion. The wildly popular Brazilian denim label left for the big city of Sao Paulo three years ago, returning to Rio “as men and members of a 423-person family now called Grupo Reserva,” says designer Rony Meisler. And they wanted to celebrate the homecoming.

For summer 2013, a multi-ethnic, multi-generational clan of non-models bounced and bobbed down the runway, weaving between sofas and chairs, to a crowd-pleasing, siblings-only soundtrack of The Jackson 5, Bee Gees and INXS (yup, also brothers). Then, hilariously and heartwarmingly, each one of the made-up modern family—which even included a lip-locking lesbian couple—did a little solo dance at the end of the runway, which you can see below starting at minute 5:52. Who doesn’t love a dancing grandpa?