Something Different: I Love Dust for KARL

Here’s a novel way of keeping with the Karlisms. The British collective I Love Dust—an ironic reference to their basement work area, not to anything illicit—has partnered with Karl Lagerfeld’s KARL label on a capsule collection of limited-edition T-shirts inspired by the living trademark’s off-the-cuff witticisms. The fours styles include a sketch of a leather glove, a trompe l’oeil shirt-front echoing his flashy lapels, and two others that use letters and graphics to create his name and famously shaded face. And while we’re pretty sure “Chic is a kind of mayonnaise” is not one of those witticisms, but an accidental mash-up emblazoned on his forehead in this pic, one can never be absolutely certain with Karl Lagerfeld.

Available from May 31st on, at the KARL pop-up store on Bleecker Street in New York and at Colette in Paris.

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