Tilda Swinton Covers Candy

Spanish editor Luis Venegas’s cult magazine Candy has featured some eye-catching covers in its first few issues, with James Franco in drag and Chloë Sevigny posing as Terry Richardson. Now in its fourth issue, the world’s “first transversal style magazine” has taken its trans theme less literally with a liqueur-sweet shot of Tilda Swinton transformed into a retro-futuristic cabaret diva with a flowing mane of red curls.

Though the actor is best known for her own brand of androgynous dressing, here, wrapped in custom gold lamé, she gives the perfect frontage for what’s dubbed the Extra Extravagance Issue. Inside, Swinton poses as a variety of über-glam figures for photographer Xevi Muntané, while other editorials feature pregnant men in S&M gear by Steven Klein and a recreation of Nan Goldin photos by David Armstrong, featuring the lovely Marcel Castenmiller.

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