If You’ve Ever Wondered If Daphne Guinness Can Sing, Here’s Your Answer

Daphne Guinness gave a few unsuspecting New Yorkers quite the surprise over the weekend when she took the stage at the L.E.S. dive Arlene’s Grocery for a four-song set with local band Element 4. Clad in a rock-worthy black ensemble, she growled out a few classics, including Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit and Patti Smith’s Because the Night.

The unlikely combo came together when the band randomly contacted Guinness, the heiress explained via Twitter, adding that she only practiced once before the gig. She also says it isn’t a one-off thing, tweeting: “It is the real me. It is not a phase, just something I never revealed before.”

While we’re having a hard time imagining Guinness teetering out of the dingy bar to throngs of chunks-drunk teens, we definitely admire her chutzpah for going onstage. Although maybe she shouldn’t quit her day job just yet—whatever it is.

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